Meet the New Face of the Australian Women’s Health Alliance

In keeping with our role as a contemporary organisation, Australian Women’s Health Alliance has unveiled a refreshed visual identity and name.

In 2023 we have evolved from the Australian Women’s Health Network to Australian Women’s Health Alliance, to align more closely with our strategic goals. 

Along with our new name comes a bold new look, which Chair, Bonney Corbin, says better reflects Australian Women’s Health Alliance’s important role as the national voice for women’s health.

"Our reimagined brand identity showcases our role as an organisation that is evidence-based, inclusive and collaborative."

Talented graphic designer Ximena Jiménez led the project to evolve and modernise our brand amidst the complex and changing landscape of health and its impact on gender and health equity.

Ximena’s work focuses on using graphic design as a force for change and to promote better access to health information for women and LGTBQI+ people.

To inform the process we worked with closely with Ximena, looked back on our history, reaffirmed our purpose and collaborated on visioning to develop a brand identity that will equip us to best meet future goals and priorities.

The result is a fresh new logo, colour palette, typeface, icons and illustrations, and you can check out all these design elements on the recently launched Women’s Health Hub.

Our look may have changed, but we remain firmly committed to building on the legacy and herstory of our organisation and members. We continue to provide national leadership in achieving health equity all women.

About the logo:

Australian Women's Health Alliance Logo

Our logo combines our ethos as the national voice for women’s health into a simple and identifiable mark that represents inclusivity, empowerment and collaboration. The font choice creates a sense of trust, professionalism and approachability.

The unique icons symbolise different aspects of our guiding principles across intersectional feminism, gender equity, and human rights. These lend a distinctive voice to our visual identity:

7 bold and bright icons as part of the Australian Women's Health Alliance new visual identity.

About the designer:

Ximena Jimenez (they/them), also known as KIKI, is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and freelance photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.


Their current work focuses on using graphic design as a force for change in their community to promote health information access for women and LGTBQ+ people.

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