Privacy Policy

Australian Women’s Health Alliance is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, confidentiality, accuracy and security of Board members, staff, sole traders, volunteers, members, client contacts by phone or email, research participants and any other workplace participants’ personal information.

All Australian Women’s Health Alliance stakeholders are entitled to receive a confidential service and have any matters treated confidentially.

The organisation will follow the guidelines of the National Privacy Principles in its information management practices.

Australian Women’s Health Alliance will ensure that:

  • It meets its legal obligations in relation to protecting the privacy of Board members, staff,
    volunteers, members, sole traders contacts by phone or email or any other means.
  • All covered by this policy are provided with information about their rights regarding privacy.
  • All covered by this policy are provided with privacy when they are being interviewed or discussing matters of a personal or sensitive nature.
  • All relevant Australian Women’s Health Alliance representatives understand what is required when meeting these obligations.
  • This policy will apply to all records whether hard copy, electronic, containing personal information
    about individuals, and to research or discussion of a sensitive personal nature


Documents related to this policy

Related policies: Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

Forms, record keeping or other organisational documents: AWHN Constitution

Reviewing and approving this policy

Frequency: Triennially

Person responsible: Business Services Subcommittee

Approval: Board

Applies to: Australian Women’s Health Alliance Board, Sole Traders and Volunteers

Specific responsibility: Australian Women’s Health Alliance Board, Sole Traders and Volunteers

Version: 1.1

Date approved: 2022

Policy context

This policy relates to:

Standards or other external requirements

Relevant QI Standards: ASES

Legislation or other requirements

  • Privacy Act
  • National Privacy Principles
  • Health Records and Information Act and regulations
  • NSW Anti Discrimination Act
  • National Anti Discrimination Act

Contractual obligations

  • Department of Health
  • Health Peak Advisory Bodies Program Agreement
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