About our site

The Women’s Health Hub is a national resource for people dedicated to improving women’s health outcomes in policy, research, health care and across the broader health ecosystem.

This website is part of a national project to: 

Resources will support health advocates, practitioners, policymakers, governments, funders, and others to embed a gender equity lens throughout prevention work across Australia.

Australian Women’s Health Alliance, the national voice for women’s health, is developing the Women’s Health Hub. We are engaging key contributors to help refresh the Hub from 2022-23 to June 2025. 


We would like to thank the following people who have contributed to the Women’s Health Hub, either with herstoric work which is embedded here, or with current work today:

Wendy Abigal, Karen Adams, Sienna Aguilar, Sandra Angus, Barbara Baird, Kelly Banister, Nicky Bath, Marilyn Beaumont, Brenna Bernardino, Gemma Black, Kim Blattner, Holly Brennan, Dorothy Broom, Angela Brown, Moira Carmody, Karin Cheyne, Bonney Corbin, Cathy Crawford, Pamela Croft Warcon, Denele Crozier, Libbi Cunnington, Renae Davies, Margherita Dall’Occo-Vaccaro, Angela Dawson, Katrina Dee, Fiona Donaldson, Jan Donovan, Judith Dwyer, Meghan Elias, Sarah Firth, Jo Flannagan, Annie Flint, Josephine Ford, Bronwyn Fredericks, Carolyn Frohmader, Bernice Gray, Gwendolyn Gray Jamieson, Maria Hach, Maree Hawken, Vanamali Hermans, Min Houseman, Emma Iwinska, Anna Jabour, Ximena Jiménez, The Hon Ged Kearney MP, Helen Keleher, Patty Kinnersley, Romy Listo, Deb Loxton, Lydia Mainey, Karen Martin, Karen Martin, Roxanne McMurray, Samantha McNeil, Gita Mishra, Fernanda Monteiro, Adele Murdolo, Heather Nancarrow, Jacquie O’Brien, Eva Perroni, Jaime Castilla Riasco, Kate Robinson, Stacey Ross, Sasha Kutabah Sarago, Marian Sawer, Suhayla Sharif, Gerry Shearim, Vikas Kumar Singh, Mandy Stringer, Angela Taft, Helena Teede, Regina Torres Quiazon, Monique Vass, Cathy Vaughan and Johanna Wicks.

If you are herstoric member of the Alliance and would like to add names to this list, please contact us.

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