E-Learning Course: Introduction to Gender-Responsive Health 

We’re thrilled to launch ‘Introduction to Gender-Responsive Health’, a free e-learning course that supports learners to understand and apply a gender-responsive approach to health and prevention.  

Women and gender diverse people experience health, illness and health care differently to men. This course aims to increase understanding about these differences and how gender-responsive approaches can improve health equity.  

This course is for workplaces and individuals wanting to learn more about gender-responsive health, including health professionals, researchers, policy makers and students, as well as those who aspire to enter the health and social care workforce.   

It is suitable to complete in your own time or it can be rolled out in workplaces for teams to complete together. 

Our training modules support users to: 

  • increase their understanding of gender-responsive health 
  • gain knowledge of practical examples of gender-responsive approaches to health and prevention 
  • use clear language to communicate about gender equity in health and prevention 
  • reflect on their own context and identify actions to strengthen their approach to gender-responsive health in practice. 


Module 1 ‘What’s Gender Got to Do with It? Understanding Gender-Responsive Health’ is available now, and we will launch the other 4 modules later this year. Learners receive a badge of completion after finishing each module and a certificate when they finish the course. 

We co-developed this course in close collaboration with our members and key supporters. The resources are evidence-based, engaging and informative and include videos, activities, lessons and quizzes. 

Importantly, there is a strong focus on real-life knowledge and case studies, and we aim to equip learners with a powerful toolbox they can employ in their setting.  

The Australian Women’s Health Alliance is proud to make this course freely available to workplaces, community groups and individuals at https://womenshealthhub.learnworlds.com/.  



We would like to acknowledge and warmly thank the individuals and organisations who helped us develop this e-learning course, including those listed below. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Brittney Andrews, Deb Barndon, Sara Berent, Bianca Blackmore, Alba Brockie, Jennifer Cox, Antonio Di Dio, Rachel Grove, Amanda Hall, Amy James, Ximena Jimenez, Bonnie Laxton-Blinkhorn, Katherine Lim, Kate May, Jackie McMillan, Dr Samara McNeil, Editt Melgarejo, Arianna Menzies, Nicole Milanko, Sally Moyle, Jordan Nash, Kate Robinson, Julia Symes APD, Meredith Turner, Jana Ventura, Mishelle Vitellaro-Young and Naomi Weatherburn-Reeves. 


If you were involved in helping us develop this course and would like to be acknowledged, please email sienna.aguilar@australianwomenshealth.org. 

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