Our impact

Women’s health policy, service and practice continue to evolve to meet the demands of our changing times. The Australian health system needs leadership towards gender and health equity, so we have strengthened our position to provide that leadership, along with evidence-based advice and effective platforms for change.

We know the health system is struggling with the impacts of preventive health delays, workforce shortages, lack of infrastructure and bottlenecks in surgery waitlists, and gendered health inequity continues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, migrant and refugee women, women on temporary visas, disabled women, and LGBTIQ+ women. 

In response, we work to influence policy agendas, challenge funding cuts, respond to requests for technical advice, and secure funding for a new way forward. We are also investing in systems, people and processes and renewing our governance model, principles and priorities. 

These actions will improve our ability to provide independent, evidence-based advice to promote a gendered approach to women’s health care.

We report annually on our impact, according to our core strategic priorities.


Our organisation relies on membership fees and donations to provide core funding for operational costs such as registrations, fees, and licences. To this end we owe sincere thanks to our individual and organisational members, regular philanthropists and donors.  

Whether you donate funds, time, or energy, you contribute to advancing gender equity and health equity in Australia. 

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