Our people

Our people

Australian Women’s Health Alliance was established in 1986 and has members across every state and territory, working in all areas of women’s health, gender and health equity

We have around 100 individual and organisational members, with a collective reach of close to 4,700 people across Australia working towards health equity for all women. 

Our Board is made up of women active in various health and gender equity networks across Australia. We make an effort to ensure our Board reflects a diversity of experience, views, skills and connections into existing networks, so that we can collaborate effectively in providing a national voice.  

The Board is led by an executive director, who is supported by subcommittees. We have a business services agreement with Women’s Health NSW, which is overseen by a Business Services Subcommittee. 

Our health consumer advisory model is facilitated in partnership with the Women’s Health Research, Translation and Impact Network. We have a board representative on their consumer advisory network, and we engage their consumer advisory groups for advice, feedback and input on relevant projects, events and policy. 

General board members


Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure of Australian Women's Health Alliance
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