General Comment No. 22 (2016) on the Right to sexual and reproductive health

This website explains the right to sexual and reproductive health, (article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) and outlines the reporting requirements for parties who have signed up to the Covenant.

Keywords: access, adult women, agency, contraception, cultural determinants of health, endometriosis, families, family planning, female genital mutilation, fertility, forced marriage, funding and policy, gender, gender equality, gender equity, health care, health equity, health services, health systems, HIV, HPV, human rights, hysterectomy, immunisation, infertility, international, law, legal rights, maternal health, menopause, menstruation, miscarriage, older women, parenting, PCOS, pelvic floor, perinatal health, periods, policy, population health, post natal health, pregnancy, prevention, primary health, puberty, public health, sexual health, sexually transmitted infections, social determinants of health, stigma, women's rights, young people
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