Increasing Gender Equity in Prevention and Healthcare

The text "Gender Equity" is above an illustration of the scales of justice. A woman with black hair and purple clothes sits on the left scale with her arm reaching out to a man with black hair and black clothes, who is sitting on top of the right, slightly higher scale.
Illustration by Josie Ford

Are you committed to advancing a health system that delivers better outcomes for everyone, regardless of gender or background?  

So are we, and that’s why we wrote the Gendered Framework for Action on Prevention and Healthcare

This practical framework outlines the Australian Women’s Health Alliance’s emerging approach to increasing gender equity in prevention and healthcare. 

The Framework describes 7 structural factors that contribute to gender inequity. It provides a focus for the systemic issues we are trying to address to improve women’s health outcomes across Australia. 

By considering these factors in our work, we can develop gender-responsive policies, strategies and action plans in our organisations, services, communities and health care system. 

This applies whether you’re a policy maker, health practitioner or have any role in improving the health and wellbeing of your community.  

The National Preventive Health Strategy ‘aims to keep people healthy and well by making changes to the health system overall and the environments around us.’ 

Our Framework aligns closely with this goal by providing a language that supports policy makers, researchers, clinicians and advocates to consider what this looks like for different populations of women. 

Building our capacity to identify and address the needs of different populations of women means we can ensure all women receive appropriate, inclusive and culturally responsive health care services.  

By ensuring out health system is improved for everyone, we will reduce health disparities and create a healthier and more equitable society overall.   

Curious to learn more? Great! Download the Gendered Framework for Action on Prevention and Healthcare today.

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