Our vision

We are the national voice on women’s health. Our aim is to achieve gender equity in health for all women. 

Our vision

To achieve health equity for all women. 

Our purpose

We are the national voice for women’s health.

Guiding principles

Our work is guided by feminism, gender equity, and human rights.

Our strategic priorities

Priority 1: Policy and reform

Australian Women’s Health Alliance is a national leader in developing, advancing, and responding to public policy and practice as it impacts women’s health. We provide independent, evidence-based advice to promote a gendered approach to women’s health care. 

Priority 2: Connect and collaborate 

Australian Women’s Health Alliance is the vehicle for women’s health organisations, consumers and advocates to connect and collaborate through our membership base and effective processes to represent the views of members and their constituents.

Priority 3: Governance and agency 

As an independent peak and health promotion charity, Australian Women’s Health Alliance demonstrates best practice in its governance, leadership and operations. 

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