Positive steps for reproductive health, but women’s voices are needed

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Women’s health advocates have welcomed a suite of budget measures which will create targeted and long-term change for reproductive health but say the voices of many women are missing.

“There’s still a long way to go to address gendered bias in healthcare, we’re only just scratching the service,” said Australian Women’s Health Alliance Chair Bonney Corbin.

The New Destination for Women’s Health

A graphic recording of the Women's Health Hub launch on 24.07.2023. It has many illustrations and phrases of ideas discussed at the online webinar.

The Australian Women’s Health Alliance is proud to announce the launch of the Women’s Health Hub, a valuable national resource dedicated to improving health outcomes for all women. This online library banks together a range of resources and women’s health knowledge and will grow to become a comprehensive repository of evidence-based resources as well as […]

Meet the New Face of the Australian Women’s Health Alliance

In keeping with our role as a contemporary organisation, Australian Women’s Health Alliance has unveiled a refreshed visual identity and name. In 2023 we have evolved from the Australian Women’s Health Network to Australian Women’s Health Alliance, to align more closely with our strategic goals.  Along with our new name comes a bold new look, […]

Media Release: A new women’s health hub for Australia

Today a new information hub is being launched for women’s health in Australia.  Women and gender diverse people experience health, illness and healthcare differently to men. Women are more affected by chronic diseases, and they also disproportionately bear the health impacts of all forms of violence.   The refreshed Women’s Health Hub aims to change this […]

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