7th Australian Women’s Health Conference

These conference slides are from presenters at the 7th Australian Women’s Health Conference, held in 2013 in Sydney, New South Wales. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order by the presenter’s first name.

Title of presentationPresenter(s)Organisation
Midwives & Women’s Interaction STUDY (MAWI): Exploring their interactions during antenatal consultations using a gendered approachAli TeateUniversity of Western Sydney
Cervical Screening Promotion: Harnessing the Power of Social MediaAmy ColliePapScreen Victoria
Cancer Council Victoria
Hearty Health for Rural Women: An examination of issues identified by women with heart disease living in Greater Southern Area Health
Service NSW
Annie FlintGreater Southern Area Health Service NSW
Why disability is an important women’s health issue?Anne KavanaghThe University of Melbourne
Rethinking Healthy Living for Women in Canada: Reflections on the Discourse, Evidence and PracticeAnn Pederson, Barbara Clow, Margaret Haworth-Brockman,
Harpa Isfeld, Anna Liwander
Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence
Updating conversations:
re-defining gender
Annelise Roberts
Angela Carnovale
Women’s Centre for Health Matters
Local Government: Gender, health promotion, preventing violence, inclusion and integrated planningMaryanne ClarkeYarra City Council
The MOVE study of Maternal and
Child Health nurse screening for
women experiencing family violence.
Angela Taft, Rhonda Small, Cathy Humphreys, Kelsey HegartyMother & Child Research, La Trobe University
Emancipation Through EducationAmrit Versha
Philomena Carneiro
TAFE South Western Sydney Institute
For better or for worse: How are refugee women and girls faring in NSW?B Ann
S Echevarria
NSW Refugee Health Service
The Personal Is Political!- Gender, Violence, Activism & Politics: Necessities for ChangeBetty GreenNA
Developing Partnerships and
Alliances to Enhance Women’s Health Services
Bev JowleSouth Coastal Women’s Health Service
Australian Longitudinal Study on
Women’s Health: Insights from
research higher degree students
Catherine Chojenta, Amy Anderson, Ellie Gresham, Melissa Harris & Jane RichAustralian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
(CALD) Sex Workers: Hands-On Safe Sex Health Promotion Experts
Caroline de Castro
Na Mon Cheung
ACON, Sex Workers Outreach Project
The Sterilisation of Women and
Girls with Disabilities in Australia:
Violating the Human Right to Health
Written by Carolyn Frohmader and presented by Karin SwiftWomen with Disabilities Australia
Online sexual health consultations: Examining young people’s privacy and security concernsCameryn GarrettUniversity of Melbourne
Facilitators and Barriers to Young Mothers’ Uptake of Paid Parental LeaveCameryn Garrett, Louise Keogh, Maura Bevilacqua, Belinda Hewitt, Anne KavanaghUniversity of Melbourne
Improving outcomes for women
impacted by childhood trauma
Cathy KezelmanAdults Surviving Child
Abuse (ASCA)
Addressing Gender as a Social Determinant of Women’s Health & WellbeingDale Fisher, Fiona Judd, Martha HickeyThe Royal Women’s Hospital Victoria
Overcoming fear to say the words
‘Partner Rape’
Debra Parkinson
Claire Zara
Women’s Health Goulburn North East
Australian research on domestic
violence after natural disaster:
Influencing emergency management policy & practice- Theme 4: Informing government policy to improve the health of Australian women
Debra Parkinson
Claire Zara
Women’s Health Goulburn North East, Women’s Health in the North
Women, Lawyers, Workers- Piloting a legal advice system that responds
holistically to prevent family violence
Debra Parkinson
Elisa Whittaker
Women’s Health Goulburn North East, Women’s Health in the North, Women’s Legal Service Victoria, Berry Street
Register4 – an online community to
fast track breast cancer research
Devon IndigNational Breast Cancer Foundation
Same Dame but Different
Lesbian friendly service provision
Edda LampisACON
Obstacles, Complexities and Barriers When Working with Child and Adult Survivors of Sexual AbuseEdwina Scerri
Debbie Seldon
Bankstown Women Health Centre
The social determinants of women’s
sexual and reproductive health and
Elly TaylorWomen’s Health West
Implications of Climate Change for Women’s HealthFiona ArmstrongClimate and Health Alliance
Rural in Reach ProgramFiona ReidWomen Health and Family Services
Innovative group project supports women in transition from pregnancy to motherhoodFrances Doran
Julie Hornibrook
Southern Cross University, Bullinah Aboriginal Health Service, Lismore & District Women’s Health Centre Inc.
How far have we come ? A qualitative study finds layers of barriers to access terminations in
rural NSW
Frances Doran
Julie Hornibrook
Southern Cross University, Lismore & District Women’s Health Centre Inc.
“You don’t know half the story”:
Deepening the dialogue with young
Gabrielle BrandMurdoch University
Population Health and the Financing and Structure of Health Systems: The Australian CaseGwendolyn GrayNA
Mothers at large: gendering the ‘obesity epidemic’ in Aotearoa NZGeorge ParkerUniversity of Auckland
Women’s Health Action Trust
Engendering Universal Health Care: Experiences and ChallengesGita SenCentre for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore
Using social media and electronic communication to enhance the lives of refugee and migrant women
Helen BishopWomen’s Health in the South East
Gender sensitive indicators and government policyHelen L’Orange, Su Gruszin, Caroline AlcorsoThe University of Adelaide, PHIDU, Women’s Electoral Lobby, NSW Government
Improved Service Delivery Model for Women in Western NSWJane BeachWestern NSW Local Health District
What Were We Thinking a gender-informed program to prevent postnatal mental health problems in women: A comprehensive approach to knowledge creation and translationJane FisherMonash Unversity, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health
A Facebook app to assist post-partum women to increase their physical activity levels – usability testing and randomised controlled trial protocolJocelyn Kernot, Carol Maher, Tim Olds, Lucy LewisUniversity of South Australia
Breast cancer screening patterns: Rural and urban differencesJanni LeungWomen’s Health Australia, The University of Queensland, The University of Newcastle
A cut below: research and advocacy on female genital cosmetic surgeryJessica MaloneWomen’s Health Victoria
Stopping Violence Against Women Before it Happens: A Practical Toolkit for CommunitiesJulie OberinAWAVA
Cervical screening: does it really matter? Building on Feminist Best PracticeJo PerksLiverpool Women’s Health Centre
Three generations of Australian women ageing in drought- a textual analysisJane RichUniversity of Newcastle
Evidence from Australian population studies of health and relationships- Do women really like sex?Juliet RichtersThe University of New South Wales
The Impact of Human Trafficking and
Exploitation on the Health and Well-Being of Women
Jenny StangerThe Salvation Army
The ALICE project – alcohol, mental health and health service usageJohn TennielThe University of Melbourne, Turning Point, Beyond Blue
Destroy the Joint: A positive social media movementJill TomlinsonDestroy The Joint
Health Care Social Media: Governance, Risk Management and EthicsJill TomlinsonAustralian Federation of Medical Women
Effective Social Media Communication in Australian Women’s Health NetworkJill TomlinsonAustralian Federation of Medical Women
Women’s sexual wellbeing in the context of cancerJane Ussher
Janette Perz
University of Western Sydney
The Little Black DressJ WicksFamily Planning NSW
Respect, Responsibility and Equality- Preventing Violence Against WomenKiri BearVic Health
A Masquerade of Love- Young Women in Domestic ViolenceK DowDomestic and Family Violence Action Group
But there’s no Facebook on
the fax! New ways of engaging with women in Queensland to facilitate healthy decision making
Kathy FaulknerWomen’s Health Queensland Wide Inc
Women’s Evaluation of Abuse &
Violence Care in General Practice:
6 and 12 month outcomes
Kelsey Hegarty, Lorna O’Doherty, Angela Taft, Patty Chondros, Stephanie Brown, Jodie Valpied, Jill Astbury, Ann Taket, Lisa Gold, Gene Feder, Jane GunnThe University of Melbourne
The impact of juggling competing life priorities on aspirations and health for young women: ‘Happiness not at any cost’Katherine Patel
Katy Osborne
Flinders University
Gender Equity: Tools for conversation and changeL BeilharzWomen’s Health Loddon Mallee
Young women’s stories of having sexually transmitted infectionLeah EastSouthern Cross University
Men Taking a STand againST FgMLinda V. N. GeorgeNSW Education Program on FGM, Western Sydney Local Health District
Envisioning Gender Transformative
Health Promotion for Women
Lorraine Greaves, Ann Pederson, Nancy Poole,
Rose Durey
Gender equity, tobacco use and change Responding to women’s tobacco use and exposureLorraine Greaves
Nancy Poole
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s
A Framework for Cultural Change- Preventing Violence Against WomenLiz MurphyVic Health
Innovative approach to encourage women with an intellectual disability to present for cancer screeningLea RawlingsCancer Council Victoria, Breast Screen Victoria, Pap Screen Victoria
A ‘WHOLE STORY’ approach to understanding and investigating sexual assault and child sexual abuse.Mark BarnettVictoria Police
LGBTI Domestic & Family Violence
policy & practice
Moo BaulchACON
Cultural Security – Gender Security?- Exploring cultural security as a model for promoting gender as a determinant of health in
a health policy setting.
Megan HowittNorthern Territory Government Department of Health
Everybody’s Business Sub Committee A model for the provision of gender and culturally sensitive sexual and reproductive health services to migrant and refugee communities in DarwinMegan HowittNorthern Territory Government Department of Health
Psychosocial aspects of fertility and motherhood in women diagnosed with breast cancer during their reproductive yearsM Kirkman, C Apicella, J Graham, M Hickey, J Hopper, L Keogh, I Winship, JRW FisherMonash University, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health
YouTube: Broadcast Your Health!
Lessons learnt using social media to
promote women’s health….
M van ZantenSouth Australia Health
Women of Courage: Hearing the Voices of Survivors of Sexual
Martina ZanggerUniversity of Newcastle
The digital world: a new space for old injusticeMichelle HuntWomen’s Health Grampians
Becoming ‘Trauma-Informed’
Creating safety, choice, and control
in our health care systems
Nancy Poole
Lorraine Greaves
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s
Nurse Insertion of Implanon NXT.
Sub dermal contraceptive Implant.
Nola Savage
Kristin Cheesman
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
South Australia
Bringing a gender focus to national
National Women’s AlliancesNational Women’s Alliances
Northern Beaches ChorusNorthern Beaches ChorusNorthern Beaches Chorus
A South Australian Aboriginal Women’s Community Engagement
Health Model
P BridgeGovernment of South Australia
The invisible end: women and suicide Implications for policy and practicePam RugkhlaWomen’s Health Victoria
Learning from the experts: How tobacco companies used gender transformative strategies to get women hookedPam RugkhlaWomen’s Health Victoria
Cancer Prevalence And Cancer Risk
Factors Among Australian Sexual
Minority Women
Rhonda BrownDeakin University
Conscientious objection in Victorian abortion lawRita BueraWomen’s Health Victoria
Gender, food and physical activity:
risks in health promotion messages
Rita BueraWomen’s Health Victoria
We object: changing structures and institutions to challenge the objectification of womenRose DureyWomen’s Health Victoria
Happy Healthy Women Not Just Survivors- Responding Well to the Longterm Challenges of Sexual ViolenceRaie GoodwachMalvern Psychotherapy Centre
Women’s Health West Working in a feminist organisation: an auditRobyn Gregory
Elly Taylor
Women’s Health West
Women, Interpersonal Violence &
Mental Illness. Everybody’s or Nobody’s Business?
Robyn Humphries
Sabin Fernbacher
Northern Area Mental Health Service, Melbourne
Doing the R.A.P: Improving immigrant and refugee women’s health through research, advocacy and policyRegina Quiazon
Jasmin Chen
Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health
Shifting Boundaries of Self, Religion and Ethnicity: A study of Bangladeshi Migrant Women in VictoriaSufia BegumRMIT University, Melbourne
‘Our Community, Our Rights’: empowering refugee women through human rights educationS BlusteinWomen’s Health West
The health and wellbeing of
Australia’s female veterans
Samantha CrompvoetsAustralian National University
“As many options as there are, there are just not enough for me” A qualitative analysis of contraceptive use and barriers to access among Australian womenSuzanne Dixon, Danielle Herbert, Deborah Loxton & Jayne LuckeWomen’s Health Australia, The University of Queensland, The University of Newcastle
Show & Tell African women’s stories…from anger to action and the policy responseShairon Fray
Linda George
NSW Education Program on FGM
Striving for optimal sexual and
reproductive wellbeing for
rural women
Shannon HillWomen’s Health Grampians
economic Security4WomenSally Jopeeconomic S4W, National Women’s Alliances
Living Longer, Living Better?’ –
Queering the Heteronormative and Cisnormative Space of Aged Care in Australia
Sujay KentlynOutrageous Ageing LGBTI Elders’ Wellbeing Project, Evergreen Life Care
Advancing the gender agenda in mainstream servicesSimone MeadeWomen’s Health Grampians
Violence against Women From Response to Prevention A Northern Metropolitan Region ApproachSandra MorrisWomen’s Health In The North
Supporting women’s civic participation- Developing a meaningful client and
community participation strategy at
Women’s Health West
Stephanie RichWomen’s Health West
Love ControlToni Bentley
Ada Conroy
Women’s Health In the North, Northern Integrated Family Violence Services
Managing Money: Every Woman’s
Business Working with newly arrived, refugee and migrant women to increase their financial capability
Toni BentleyWomen’s Health In The North
ReCLAIM Research Project: An innovative organisational approach to the prevention of violence against womenTracy Castelino
Carolyn Poljski
Monash Link
Gender as a social determinant of health: Implications for Australian women’s health policyToni SchofieldThe University of Sydney
Research and innovative strategies for promoting fertility awarenessWendy AbigailFlinders University
Women’s Health and Local Government Health PlansWomen’s Health Loddon MalleeWomen’s Health Loddon Mallee
At the intersections of sexuality and
gender: Exploring increased risk of
depression and anxiety among women in Australia
William LeonardGay and Lesbian Health Victoria
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